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TC productions is an award winning full service television and video production specializing in the fields of photography, video production, documentaries and model portfolios and entertainment. Let me start with stating that a videographer does not take the place of a professional photographer and vice versa. Each professional gives you a totally difference product. Your photographs will be framed and placed in albums for friends and family to view and enjoy. Your video will allow you, your friends and family to relive not only the sights of the day but also the sounds. Push play and watch your day and listen to your vows, the toasts, the music as you dance your first dance

Your special day or occasion will pass by, everyone is talking about how much fun they had. But you don’t remember the all the vivid details. It’s true, you can never be everywhere and see everything and great moments do escape our memory over time. But you’ll be able to enjoy every exquisite detail, forever, whenever you want, with a video produced by TC Productions. Whatever the occasion, big or small, we have the best package to suit your budget. WE BELIEVE: ⦁ That your wedding celebaration is trully special and we trully treat it that way. ⦁ That our services must enrich and enhance the biggest day of your life. ⦁ That creativity , quality passion and attention to detail will separate us from the rest of the industry. ⦁ That our people are the most valuable asset of TC productions. ⦁ That wedding celebrations are the most defining moments your life, and that the wedding video should be a treasured keepsake.









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our vision is to become the leading photography , visual content provider, developer in the African continent and beyond.since 2008 the TC productions team has been working to inspire its clients, audiences and associates by creating a world class audio visual productions and photography that not only exceed expectations but set new benchmarks for positive impact and change both in society and in the industry. we hope you will be inspired as you browse through our site to see what we can do and what we have done to be where we are today

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Thabang Mnculwane

Chief Executive Owner

Thabang Mnculwane

Charles Okoye

Managing Director

Charles Okoye

Moses Dube

Video Camera Operator

Moses Dube

Maxon Dunamis

Video Camera Operator

Maxon Dunamis


We make it our responsibility to understand your industry, in order to produce a world class videos, and photographs that meet your needs this can be the ultimate , attention grabbing and the traffic driver to your business